Thursday, July 31, 2014

Deep Family Secrets based on the case of Gaylynn Earl "Rusty" Morris, Dawna Kay Wells Solved Mother's Murder, Ruby Morris

Photo of Gaylynn Earl Morris


rogere said...

saw this on foresnic files. they failed to note that the daughter did all of the investigative work on this case

cyndi said...

I am cyndi morris, the daughter of Earl and Ruby Morris. This case was solved by investigation by professionals first of all. Second I have no idea why there is a donation spot on this blog???? Donations go to whom, I would like to know???? The movie was loosely based on some known evidence, not near what actually happened in court. T.V. is sensationalism and crap in my opinion. So is the media. It has been 20 years since my Mothers murder, and it's time to take all this garbage off on the net and television!!! Thanks.

Traciy Curry-Reyes said...

Cyndi Morris thanks for your feedback. Donations go to me, the blog owner. Not just for this site, but for all of the 250 blog pages that I have featuring movies that are based on, inspired by, or loosely based on true stories. The money goes to help me in research, gathering up the old case, posting, communications with people close to the case, my time etc. Also, most of the people that watch these movies are not just merely entertained, they are actually concerned about the real people in the case, which is why they look for the case online.